Live Your Life in Colour

Who says colour is just for summer? Just look outside at autumn’s fiery hues - the reds, oranges,
yellows, even the purples - and you’ll realise that Mother Nature is as vibrant now as she was a
few months ago.

The same can be said for your interiors - lean into colour all year round, not just in summertime. In fact, the colder, darker months are just the time when you need a rainbow hit at home. Colour is, after all, not only a form of self-expression, but it is also linked with our mood (hence why we’re ‘feeling blue’ or ‘seeing red’ or ‘in the pink’). Bright shades trigger the release of the happy hormone dopamine, and we feel uplifted, optimistic and intrinsically joyful. And who wouldn’t want that 365 days of the year?

Plus, of course, if you were to switch up your colours with the seasons - going for creamy, neutral shades in winter - it could get rather expensive. Colour can be cosy too (take our printed patchwork quilts, which are perfect for snuggling under as the temperature drops). And while we’re on the subject of un-pigeonholing colour - let’s not presume that vibrancy only works in modern homes. Being brave with a bold palette can bring a traditional house and its period features to life.

But it’s not just cheerful colours that will make your heart sing; layering playful prints and exotic patterns in a space is equally life-affirming. There’s nothing like the unexpected burst of a floral motif or the flash of a bold stripe to make your home your happy place.

If you’re not ready to go all-out maximalist, cushions are an effective and cost-efficient way to
inject accent colour and print into the home - our block-printed cushions come in the prettiest
colourways of Rose Pink, Apple Green and Aegean Blue - and a statement rug can instantly
bring warmth and optimism to a space.

As the painter Paul Gauguin once said:

Colour! What a
deep and mysterious language, the language of dreams

We couldn’t agree more.