Bombay Sprout is well known for creating beautiful and durable rugs. However, no matter
how careful you are, rugs are susceptible to stains from accidental spills.

Preventative Treatment

Be proactive!

AquaDefence is an environmentally-friendly stain treatment specially designed for use on textiles
and furnishings. It does not alter the feel or appearance of your rug but works to protect it against accidental spills and UV rays, while also helping your rug resist day-to-day wear and abrasion.

Unlike other stain protectants, it penetrates the fibre to its core.

The Benefits:

- It’s water and oil resistant and repels most household liquids such as tea, coffee, wine and mud.
- It’s eco-friendly, non-toxic and non-flammable.
- It’s very durable and has a long lasting protective coating that has a twelve month guarantee.
- It is suitable for all types of cut, loop and woven natural rugs.
- It is an invisible coating so there is no change to the look or feel of the fabric.
- It is odourless and non-aerosol.
- It has UV resistant qualities which reduce the effect of fading.
- Aquadence is completely child and pet safe during and post application, containing no harmful chemicals whatsoever.

Once your rug has been completed, we ship your rug directly to Aqua Defence where your rug is
treated and then sent directly to you.

Please contact us if you would like a quote.

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If you spill any liquid on a rug, clean it immediately. Once the stain has set in, it becomes far
more difficult to clean.

Never rub a spill as it forces the spill deeper into the rug and can cause irreversible damage to the fibres. The first step is to blot with a clean white cloth or kitchen towel.

On wool rugs, use lukewarm water or a wool cleaning liquid to remove any residual stains and blot with a clean, white cotton cloth. Always ensure fresh water is used and always work from the outside of the stain towards the centre.

Ensure the rug has dried thoroughly after cleaning.

Do not attempt to use any form of bleaching product (e.g. Vanish) as this weakens the fibres and can cause irreversible staining and damage.

If in doubt, ask a professional for advice!

Problem Stains

For more persistent stains, specialist cleaners have the know-how and can often remove more
stubborn stains that were impossible to remove with normal procedures.

Professional Cleaning

We recommend using a professional rug cleaner on an annual basis. Wool rugs are prone to bleeding and staining thus requiring extra prompt and careful cleaning.