The dhurrie rug has been around for centuries in India. They were often presented as gifts from one ruler to another and frequently used in state processions.

Each dhurrie is hand-woven and can take up to three months to produce. It’s a huge labour of love, involving over 20 pairs of skilled hands – you can almost sense the weavers’ passion for this time-honoured tradition being seamlessly blended into every bold stripe and Mughal design.

Emma and Zara have both been interior designers for over 20 years. Emma’s flair for bringing colour and pattern to interior decoration sets her apart in the market and she recently completed a large residential project in Delhi. Zara’s love of dhurries was sparked 15 years ago when she travelled to Jaipur to create bespoke rugs for clients and started working with Nitesh. They have since worked on many diverse projects together and Zara now aims to bring a contemporary twist to the traditional dhurrie by working with colour, new designs and stunning metallic threads.

These wonderful dhurries are available to order through Emma and Zara’s new company Bombay Sprout – a brand that’s an expression of their strong sense of colour, a deep-rooted love of textiles, both antique and contemporary, and an enduring love affair with India.