Bombay Sprout

Founded in 2017 when Zara's love of interiors, design and colour combined to create the beginnings of the brand today.

With an inital love for hand woven Indian dhurries, her passion soon spread to encompass bespoke rugs, fashion and homewares!

Zara's focus is always based on adding colour to the home in ways that will bring joy to you and others around you, creating 'A Lifestyle to Inspire'.

Zara's Top Picks

Our Values

All over the world, artisans are coming under threat from mass production and we want to create a sanctuary for artisans, valuing slow production over fast, the human hand over machine and natural materials over the synthetic.

In this day and age - it is easy to get caught up in mass consumerism. We put our pride and passion into fighting this and creating products that are unique and made to last.

  • The Craft

    We are committed to preserving the age old techniques of traditional weaving. All of our rugs are woven by hand using skills that have been passed down through generations.

  • Sustainable

    All of our materials come from sustainable sources where possible - it is so important to us that we are looking after the world around us and our weavers.

  • Made Slow, To Live Long

    Our intention is to always make good, quality products that will stay with you for a lifetime. Each rug is unique and created with you in mind with the emphasis on promoting slow production over fast, mass produced items.

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