Lean Into Green

With St Patrick’s Day approaching, it’s got us thinking about the colour green. My fondness for the hue comes down to my Irish heritage, which has been a huge influence in my life and work, not least when it comes to the Bombay Sprout aesthetic.

Of course, I love green because the Emerald Isle is a wonderland of rolling fields and lush, verdant valleys. But my tendency towards bold colour, and this shade in particular, is down to my family in Ireland, many of whom are artists and ceramicists.

They are all green-keen - and we’re talking strong shades of the colour, no pastels in Ireland. You only need to look at my aunt’s house in County Kilkenny, with its vibrant kitchen units and decorative fire surround she made herself, edged in a deep shade of pine.

Or my grandmother’s home, where the walls are a lively arsenic green, and her furniture is painted in tones from peppy mint to glossy apple. Incidentally, the dresser comes from my favourite antiques shop in Ireland, The Storeyard - if you’re in the Portlaoise area, pop in, it’s a treasure trove of vintage pieces and retro furniture. 

But it’s not just my Irish roots that explain why I lean into green. It’s a colour that represents new beginnings and growth, that symbolises renewal and abundance. A dash of green is like bringing the outside in, a reminder of Mother Nature, with shades ranging from olive and fern to moss, lime, sage and basil.

“I’ve never met a bright green room I don’t love,” Rita Konig once wrote. I couldn’t agree more. It’s a brilliantly versatile shade for interiors, that’s at once lush and fresh, balancing and harmonising. That’s why it works so well in bedrooms, a space that should be a haven. Add the colour to walls or with painted furniture - one of my all-time favourite paint colours is Edward Bulmer’s Invisible Green, a beautiful grassy tone. 

Or incorporate delicious greens into your home with one of our rugs.

We’re loving the pale aqua, emerald green and turquoise of our Blakeney Wave Flatweave Rug and for ocean inspiration, try the Brancaster PET Yarn Rug in Sea Green. If you’re looking for the exact shade to match your fabrics or paint colours, why not go bespoke? We have 1500 colours to choose from and a wide variety of designs. Go on, give it the green light. 


Happy St Patrick’s Day!