Colour Minimalism

Our new colourway Floral Jute Rugs have arrived in our Studio in Burnham Market, bringing with them a welcome glimpse of Spring. But for the colour-shy amongst you, panic not. The blues and greens incorporated into these handwoven rugs - shades inspired by the nearby coastline - give enough of a pop to be fresh and uplifting, without being too overwhelming.

If you’re more comfortable with greys, creams and earthy neutrals, colour can be intimidating...

But it is possible to introduce different hues into your home without reaching a saturation point (though we’re all for a zesty orange, punchy yellow or hot pink when warranted). If used correctly, colour can be equally as effective in subtle, softer tones - aka colour minimalism. 

One of the best ways to breathe life into a room is through texture and layering different textiles, materials and finishes. Jute, for example, brings a natural, timeless feel to any space. Patterns, too, can create depth and interest without a sensory overload. 

So, if you’re looking to switch up your space, head over to the Bespoke Rugs section on our website and take a look at our new floral jute rugs. Not only will they bring a decorative element to any room, with their warm texture and splash of colour, they’ll work in harmony with a more pared-back aesthetic, too.

After all, bright might be beautiful but so is subtle.