All things bright and beautiful

I HOPE YOU HAVE ALL HAD A PEACEFUL CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEAR. This January, rather than focusing on the usual faddish intentions to get fitter, richer, happier and thinner (again), what about turning your attention to how you can improve your home environment?  Don't listen to the latest 'must have' trends the magazines are all shouting about, instead go with a look that expresses what you personally love, and the life you and your family live. And for me, that means colour. Lots of it.  Be bold and stick to the courage of your convictions and don’t worry about what other people are going to think. It's your home, not theirs, and your home should be your own personal sanctaury, a place of comfort and inspiration.   Surround yourself with objects, photographs and colours that make you happy. A house needs to reflect the lives of the inhabitants, warts and all!

I would certainly recommend using Edward Bulmer’s totally gorgeous paints. Their stunning range of 85 colours are unique because they only use natural pigments to create their colours. Packed with pigment the paint offers a patina alive with pure colour and because they all come from the same natural sources, their colours are all in perfect harmony with each other.

Bombay Sprout  Edward Bulmer Paints

If you want to read a wonderful book then buy The Maverick Soul by my friend Miv Watts. Beautifully written and reinforcing the message that I am trying to get across above. Do not be a slave to fashion.

Maverick Soul Book Cover

The book can be purchased from all good book retailers.