T London - Reed Diffuser 100ml - Rose Oud

T London - Reed Diffuser 100ml - Rose Oud

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Discover Rose Oud, a heady, spiced floral aroma infused with Intoxicating damask rose Atlas cedar woven with patchouli saffron and layered over smouldering oud. Blended to indulge the senses and leave you feeling luxuriously pampered and deeply relaxed

Tailor the strength of your reed diffuser fragrance by varying the number of reeds used. Use all reeds for maximum diffusion, less for a more subtle aroma or in a small room.

Turn the reeds occasionally to boost fragrance levels if required.

Duration: a minimum of 8 weeks.

When needed, simply replace the reeds and oil with our refill set.

Our reed diffusers are non alcohol.

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