T London - Candle 90gm - Amber Oud

T London - Candle 90gm - Amber Oud

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Discover Amber Oud, a spiced oud aroma infused with exotic sweet fig and date, woven with saffron, burnished oud and amber. Blended to excite the senses, transport the mind and leave you feeling like anything is possible.


T London candles are filled with pesticide free 100% Ecosoya wax and blended with the finest essential oils to produce a slow clean burn.

Hand poured in the UK.

We use lead free cotton wicks.

Burn Time approx 25hrs +

Get the most out of your candle by following these simple guidelines. The burning time of each candle can be dramatically shortened if they are not cared for as suggested

  • Trim the wick to 0.5mm / 7mm before lighting your candle every time to prevent irregular burning.
  • Burn until the wax pool reaches the side of the glass. ( A minimum of 1hrs & a maximum of 2hrs)
  • Burn in a draft free well ventilated area

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