Shiva Zig Zag
Shiva Ziz Zag Orange and Gold Thread Dhurrie Rug by Bombay Sprout, Norfolk
Shiva Zig Zag
Shiva Zig Zag

Shiva Zig Zag

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A wide width zig zag design that packs a punch. We love this and it will liven up any room. Its a chameleon of carpets which looks so good in any setting and can be produced in any of our colours, with or without the metallic threads. 

Please email us if you would like any other size, colour or need any further information. 

Details: Flat weave and made in 100% New Zealand wool

Delivery: Approximately 10 to 12 weeks  

Price per square metre: £202.00 inc VAT

    Country of Origin: Hand woven in Jaipur, India

    Care: No harsh chemicals and dab dry. Brush off excess mud or dirt

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