Bath Salts For Cleansing 500g
Bath Salts For Cleansing 500g

Bath Salts For Cleansing 500g

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These miracle bath salts offer rich and healing detoxification to anyone who is tired or stressed. Ancient Himalayan salts infuse the body with 84 essential trace elements and minerals, strengthening your bio energy field (aura), washing away the negative ions associated with computers and phones, stimulating circulation and leaving skin soft and thoroughly cleansed. A wonderful way to wash away a busy day.


• Provides a powerful soak for joint pain and arthritis
• Helps combat sluggish circulation, puffiness, swelling and cellulite
• Juniper Berry strengthens and protects the body’s energy field
• Rose Geranium and Lemongrass cleanse negativity and revitalise the bio-energy field
• Alpine Lavender stimulates circulation and removes pollutants

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